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for the June 12, 2018 Democratic Mayoral and Council Primary:


For Mayor (1):

Allison Silberberg

Allison, our current mayor, is a principled, committed, and talented leader who fights against easy answers and group think.  She is known for choosing the harder right over the easier wrong, particularly when it relates to the interests of all citizens and the communities they call home.  She adds her talent of listening to a city council too often intolerant of new or different voices.  She doesn’t just push back, she perseveres.  She demonstrates respect and ethical behavior in every action.  We proudly endorse Allison Silberberg as candidate for Mayor to lead positive change in city government and continue her fight to build accountability and trust in city hall.


For Council (3):


Matt Feely,

Matt has the experience, expertise, and drive to produce change in both process and outcomes in a city government bound by tired assumptions, old relationships, self-limiting practices and bad habits.  Matt is a veteran, an educator, a financial and organizational expert who is unafraid to learn the details and solve tough problems.  He promises full-time commitment to his responsibilities as a Council Member and full-time accountability to Alexandria citizens.  We heartily endorse this thoughtful, incredibly experienced leader and able teammate as candidate for City Council.


Mo Seifeldein

Alexandria has a new superstar – Mo Seifeldein.  A refugee from the Sudan, his life experience is remarkably in tune with our diverse city population.  As a lawyer, a business owner, and a renter in a city of home owners – Mo brings energy, drive, and understanding to his analytical but practical approach to problem solving.  He is first and foremost inclusive in action, word, and deed.  He’s lived a life of hard work, diligence, and commitment.  Constituents can expect the same qualities in his support of them.  Education has been his path to success and he seeks to broaden and reinforce this path for the residents of our city.  We are thankful to meet this remarkable city resident.  We are proud to endorse him for City Council.


Robert Ray

This multi-generation resident of our city brings a love and deep understanding of small business, neighborhood interests, history, and preservation to a city that too often pays lip service to these essential elements of our community.  His sincere appreciation for the worth of education comes from his teaching experience in high school, our City Jail, and in ESL classes.  His stance on community safety and support to our first responders is well informed, assertive, and sincere.  This successful business operator brings years of financial accountability and experience to his home town’s budget and planning needs.  We strongly endorse Robert Ray, the right person for Alexandria, at exactly the right time.


Alexandrians for Better City Government will work diligently for the election of these candidates.  We will continue to build our Community team and promote constructive solutions to problems facing our residents in the areas of Accountability, Safety, and Affordability.  Our city’s future is very bright with this diverse group of candidates serving together on a new City Council led by Mayor Silberberg.


The Differences Are Always Small




Vote June 12 - Democratic primary - all voters, regardless of party.



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